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ARTICLES - Rhode Island Monthly, July 2002

The Good Doctor

Alternative Medicine
Liz Hassinger

General practitioner: trained by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

At nineteen, Earl, a placid Doberman-mix, is almost off the charts in dog years, but he looks pretty comfy, sacked out across a comforter waiting for his weekly acupuncture treatment.

You might feel relaxed too, given the soft background music, the dim lights and the soothing essence of Bach flowers spray that floats lightly in the air at Liz Hassinger's clinic.

Photography by Patrick O'Connor

They're all designed to help Earl, whose severe arthrits has weakended his back
end, to mellow out.

Hassinger graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and trained for four years at the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy in Boston. She says that while some vets pooh-pooh alternative therapies, vet medicine has embraced these treatmens more than human medicine has. "I got into it", she says, "because I saw how well it worked."

Evidently her clients, who also come from Connecticut and Massachusetts, agree. New patients with chronic diseases wait three to six months to get an appointment, and Hassinger gives them a conventional work-up before trying less traditional treatments such as veterinary spinal manipulative therapy, herbal medicien and homeopathic medicines. "When I was first pregnant ten years ago, I wanted to stay healthy and I started learning about alternative remedies for myself," she says. "Then I realized I should treat my patients the same way." Wolfrock Animal Health Center, Exeter. 294-0102

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center | 710 South County Trail | Exeter, RI 02822 | 401-294-0102